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Pursuing to Understand and Identify Human Performance

Focus on Neurohealth, Neurosports, Sportsvision, Recovery, and Injury Prevention. Consulting, facilitating, connecting, collaborating and testing with 36 years of experience in Body Monitoring, Ophthalmology, Healthcare, Pharma Industry, Sports, Wearables and Sensor Technology.

Get in touch whether You are a Physiotherapist, Doctor, other Healthcare or Sports related Professional - individually, via club or company, whatever works best. Let’s talk and find out if the new way of monitoring and getting Balance Score with Ainone Balance is something You want to try and makes sense in Your everyday work. Ainone Balance is numeric, quick, wireless, inexpensive, accurate - works nicely with Physio, Sport, Silver, Occupational and other Healthcare Services.


Markku Eskelinen
Kaikukatu 35, 70600 Kuopio, Finland